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Zika fever is a rare infectious disease which is caused by the zika virus. Usually it is imparted by the mosquito bite of the aedes species. Zika fever symptoms are rare and get faded away within a week or so.

Talking about its roots, it got its name from the origin of the place i.e. zika forest in Entebbe Uganda.

africa zika timeline

Zika virus has done tremendous damage in the African region and was first documented to spread in 2007 in Micronesia. In this hyper time of COVID 19 pandemic, it is very much curious to know about all those infectious diseases caused in recent times.

Zika virus was well ahead of its time and has made lakhs of people getting on their bed.

There are known 3 types through which zika virus can get transmitted apart from the mosquito bite:

  • Blood transfusion
  • Fetus from pregnant women 
  • Sexual contact

Now if we look at how one can find out whether a person is infected with zika virus or not, there has been a certain direction and symptoms which have been guided by the world health organization. 

So let’s check out, some of the common Symptoms of Zika fever:

  • Mild Fever
  • Rash
  • Headache
  • Joint pain
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Muscle pain
  • Reddish Eyes
  • Eye Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Yellow Fever

Zika Fever Symptoms in Males:

Now we will check out some of the symptoms of zika fever in males who are more vulnerable to the impact of this virus.

Zika fever will gradually create enormous rashes on the skin of male adults on almost the entire body but mainly on the neck, chest, legs and hands.

The symptoms will generally arise after 7 days from the day of infection. Apart from the rashes, the symptoms also state red eyes.

The zika fever symptoms also include headache which basically makes the head striking.

Other symptoms include heavy joint pain and muscle pain. The symptoms of zika are more on the joints as the immune system impacts the overall health of the joint system.

Adult males also have some sort of vomiting feelings after getting infected with Zika virus as it creates stomach aches and also upsets it.

Along with the red eyes, there are known symptoms of pain behind eyes within the forehead part as reported by various patients of zika.

Zika Fever Symptoms in Babies:

Zika fever has the most depressing impact on the babies and also on those under pregnancy. Microcephaly is the term used for babies under the clutches of zika virus.

Basically zika virus stops growing babies’ brains during pregnancy and thus the head of the baby grows smaller.

The growth of the babies head is significantly smaller and can be easily recognised upon basic inspection.

Also, the babies may get permanent brain damage with the tissues not growing upto the mark.

Another risk of zika virus on a baby is clubfoot where the motion of joints gets reduced to drastic level.

Muscle tone gets severe which restricts the babies joints to move.

Babies also have the issues of yellow fever after the zika virus and thus creates fatal consequences.

Zika Fever Symptoms in Females:

Symptoms of zika fever in females are somehow similar to that of males. Still we may check out the other possibilities of zika in the females.

Yellow Fever is a common symptom of Zika virus in females as the body skin turns slightly pale and weakness overrides the overall movement.

Red eyes are again the issue if a female gets infected with the zika virus.

Frequent headache becomes a symptom for the females as the muscle contraction takes place in the spine and neck which leads to headaches.

Rashes also appear on the whole body and significantly on the upper parts.

Females tend to suffer muscle pain more than males however with the onset of zika fever it gets worse.

Eye pain is another common symptom of zika fever in the females. Eyes tend to loosen up its nerves on the backside of the head after catching up the zika.

Vomiting is another common symptom of the zika fever in females as the stomach gets weak.

Conjunctivitis is a persistent symptom of all the infection prone people and thus females also tend to get this particular issue.


It is to be seen that the zika fever goes away within one week of its time period, however the zika fever symptoms may get around a few days to become visible and also fade away soon.

The fatality of zika virus is less known among healthy individuals but it may become dangerous and toll on life if the person has some underlying medical problems. 

The recent pandemic COVID 19 is also raging across the world and has already taken millions of people under its impact. The coronavirus is a fatal infection but for those already having dormant issues however leaving with a healthy immune system.

The world health organization has given preset guidelines on zika virus and its emerging symptoms and asked everyone to follow the safety process.

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