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We always initiate the unique ideas and assist the author to enter in the web world and get your work out there in front of mass audiences. You can go through the guidelines before submitting the article mentioned below.

Guidelines for Accepting Guest Posts :

Individuals can submit a guest. Anyone with excellent English writing and comprehension skills can write a guest post, and we can help in publishing it for you. Those who are willing to write can go and read all the policies and guidelines of the Guest post. Here are some procedures you need to follow while writing a guest post:

Who can submit a guest post?

 Two kinds of Guest Posts we offer to our Publishers.

 Authors, who published their articles for free.

These are those authors whose guest posts are published without any charges.

An author who has to pay money for Guest Post

An author needs to pay a certain amount of money to get their article published on the site, publishing a post can cost them $30.

Guidelines for Free Guest Post Publishers

  • You won’t be able to attach an external link to your post.
  • Writer’s business email, personal names, or email ids are not accepted in the author’s bio.
  • Adding any kind of link in the author’s bio is not accepted.

 Guidelines for those Paid Guest Posts 

  • Writers can add as much as links they want to make Guest Posts look more attractive and unique.
  • Adding an external link to the author’s bio is acceptable for the paid authors.
  • Foremost, you are required to pay first to get your post published on the site.
  • Publishing the Guest post can cost you $10
  • We accept payment modes like Paypal  

 Ket Features-

  • Your content must be unique and free from Plagiarism. One must ensure that it won’t be published or copied from any other websites.
  • Your content must exceed the 700+ word limit.
  • Your content must be informative and useful.
  • Make sure your content is error-free (no grammatical error, editing, formatting, proofreading).

Following topics, you can write an article on-

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Earn Money
  • health
  • Companies
  • Travel
  • Products
  • Sports
  • Festival
  • Entertainment

Authors must ensure that their Guest Post must not contain any kind of adulting, unethical, or violent content; otherwise, it will not be accepted, and immediate action will be taken or permanently blocked from the site.

Prohibited Content

  • Sexual/ Pornographic content
  • Hazardous or Unethical content
  • Promoting drug content
  • Promoting Alcohol content
  • Content related to Gambling and Betting
  • Health wellbeing content
  • Illegal Hacking content
  • Pages promote compensation program
  • Misguided or biased content
  • Horrifying content
  • Promoting illegal weapons content
  • Fallacious or inappropriate content

How to know you’re article get approved

Write for us and we’ll make sure to provide full details as soon as possible, you are likely to know within one or two days about our decision. With this, you’ll be able to know the result and act accordingly.

How to Submit Guest Post on Top10Gyaan.com

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