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Top 10 Product Based Companies in India

In recent years, there is a surge in product based companies in India due to the demand for technical solutions, as well as handling the ever increasing public data handling. There are thousands of product based companies outside India which are established from decades or so, but in the Indian context, there are top 10 product based companies in India.

In this blog post, we will look out for all the top 10 product based companies in India which are popular and offer its products to India and foreign clients also. Some of the companies are known by everyone and one can instantly recognize it while others are not that much in the knowledge but are equally significant.

List of Top 10 Product Based Companies in India with tech solution:

1 – Zoho

Zoho is a broad online office suite product solution providing company with a number of tools such as spreadsheets, presentations, databases, word processing, note-taking, web conferencing, project management, invoicing, customer relationship management and many more applications. 

2 – 3i Infotech

The Indian based 3i Infotech Product based software company was founded in 1993 and has been offering IP relevant software tools, such as Banking, Insurance & Asset Management and ERP software to the Indian as well as global clients.

3 – Infosys technologies

Infosys is a popular and well known icon IT company of India which has been mentor for other IT companies with background roots in bengaluru and pune. It offers multiple IT products including banking solutions being used in almost the whole industry for the management along with GST system.

4 – Subex

Subex is another telecom analytics product based IT company which is in the telecom business for more than a decade and has been growing ever since. It has been a reliant organization in terms of providing quality solutions for the telecom industry.

5 – Tally

Tally is a household name in the accounting industry and among the taxation professionals for more than a decade. It provides benchmark accounting products for almost all the industries and offers software learning course for the youngsters.

6 – Sasken

Sasken Technologies Limited is a big name in the business of product engineering and in digital innovation products since 1989. The company is headquartered in Bangalore and recently appointed Rajiv c mody as its CEO in 2014.

7 – IBS software

IBS software has earned its name in providing products based solutions for the industries such as travel, transportation and logistics inc. The company provides innovative solutions to the IT industry based on its algorithms.

8 – Ittiam

Ittiam Systems is a well known organization for its offering of creative and advanced technologies on video, systems and solutions including audio/video codecs, embedded solutions, intelligent trans-coding etc to the multiple media firms.

9 – Tejas networks

Tejas provides telecommunication products to several industries and companies which rely on quality products for their telecommunication needs. The company intercepted the business in year 2000.

10 – Ramco systems

Ramco is a renowned name in the HR/payroll and ERP based solutions company for the big clients across the country as well as for the global clients. The company was earlier part of the Ramco group but then it was divided and started its individual operations.

So, we have gathered the complete list of top 10 product based companies in India which are not only popular in India but also provide extensive products catalogue to the global clients also.