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Top 10 New Business Idea after Lockdown

Getting rid of lock down is not easy. Even more difficult is when the government removes all the restrictions, what will the government do to cover the loss. Those who were about to start a new business startup were completely ruined. What will he do now? After the lock down, there will be some rules that will make the cost of new business and startup expensive but some new types of products will increase market demand. Some new business opportunities will emerge. Let’s read some Top 10 New Business Idea after Corona:

List of Top 10 New Business Idea in India after Lockdown and Corona

Corona Oven Sales

Login 9 Materials start-up in Bangalore has created a product called Koronaon, which kills bacteria and virus on various surfaces. For this it uses Ultraviolet C-Lite. Its design is like a chamber, which can be placed in storage and clean. The company claims that the virus could be over in 10 minutes. Its demand may increase in times of epidemics.

Production or sale of hygiene hooks

This is an upcoming business ideas 2020 in india. The DDB Company of London has made the door open without any hands. Which is so small that it easily fits into a pocket. It is made by a hook Stanford University experts. These are easy to clean, which are all built from such materials, and which the virus can be long not survive.

Anti bacterial fabric

Start-up of Israel Sonovia has made this fabric, which is to protect it from bacteria and viruses. It is believed that it is effective in protecting from the corona virus, so the start-up distributed by 1.2 million masks made of this fabric in Israel. The fabric of clothes for doctors and health workers can also be created. The company claims that the ability of the fabric to remain for a long time and wash it a hundred times.

Virus killing mask

Usually masks the virus to prevent the inside of the mouth and nose. But remain virus on the outer surface of the mask. The solution is in addition to preventing the London-based Wayrstatik made a mask, inside which the virus dies him too. This went on antiviral coating can kill 96 percent of viruses.

Corona Shield for Car

Indian start-up Droom has launched a service called Corona Shield for trains. Under this, such anti-microbial coating is done, in which bacteria, algae etc. do not stick on the surface of the vehicle. It is using microbe shield technology, which cleans the car and prevents microorganisms from flourishing. The company’s medicine is that once it is treated, its effect can last up to 4 months. The start-up has currently started using it on police vehicles in Gurugram.

Online Course

Demand for online courses has increased in Corona Lockdown and this is low investment and high profit business. You can also run coaching classes online. it is the most profitable business if you have skill of teaching so you can start online classes

Mobile Food Shop

Keeping today’s situation in mind, if you start a business of mobile food shops, then it would be a good suggestion. You can earn a lot of money with this.

Grocery Shop Business

Grocery Shop (grocery store) has always been regarded as a good Small Business Ideas which business has less competition in india. Most importantly, it does not require you to have a Special Talent for it, Grocery in the area Shops less where to find the store is a good choice, because Vanha Competition for not having the Chance to be Successful in Your Business have become much more.

Dance Classes

If you know how to dance well, you can open a dance class. You can earn well by bec’oming a Dance Teacher. For this, you can open a dance class in Jaipur, plus you do not need much investment in this business. In this business, if you take 500 to 800 rupees from one of your students, then you can earn good money in a month.

Breakfast Corner Shop

Breakfast Shop Business is a high-earning business, because in this part of life today, many people live outside their village and do a job, due to which they also eat food outside and there are many people who are late Due to this, we have not left for breakfast from home. In such a situation, if you start this business, then your business will run smoothly. You can open Breakfast Shop in a budget of Rs 10000-20000. The good thing is that in this you only have to give a few hours in the morning, after noon you can do something else.


Here you see the list of Top 10 New Business Idea after Lockdown and coronavirus. If are thinking to start a new business in a low budget you can any above mentioned business. Thank for reading the article.