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Here are the top 10 best pet shipping companies in 2020 you may like to check out to ensure the safest journey of your pet.

List of top 10 best pet shipping companies in 2020

      1. Citizen Shipper

CitizenShipper is the most reliable source for the shipment of your skittish pet from one place to another with a very affordable price. CitizenShipper is Best pet shipping company because they have a good customer rating of 4.8 and most of the consumers of this site are exclusively satisfied with their pet delivery services. They work their level best to meet your shipment requirements by providing you the best possible drivers and  well qualified, vetted transporters.

You just need to open their authorized website and  fill up the transport dates with pick up and drop off locations, your pet’s breed and age or some other details according to the transporter’s requirements. Then confirm your transporter priority details and your part is done. Now it is completely the company’s look out to keep updating you about the entire transporting process till the drop is done. 


uShip is an USA based freight and shipping company. The founder of this agency, Mathew Chasen has conceived the idea of starting business after being frustrated by some transportation issues. is popular for its easy and affordable price range for shipping. You can ask for shipping anything to anywhere – whether it is local or long distance. 

Though uShip is the safest site, you can rely on to transport your fur baby, but you should follow some safety guidance to prevent yourself from getting cheated. 

       3. Elite Pet Ride 

It is a gold standard company specializing in the transportation of domestic pets based in New York City and one of the  Best pet shipping company. They are devoted animal lovers who strive to place animal safety and comfort as top priority. The service agents are delighted to provide services ranging from local transports within all five boroughs to long distance transports nationwide. The customer service lines are open 24 hours a day providing round the clock services.

       4.Happy Tails Travel Inc.

Happy Tails Travel Inc is headquartered in Arizona. With the experience of 22 years they ensure 100% safety record about their transportation services. They serve most of the countries all over the world and their international relocation plans start from US$850.

They take the entire responsibility of your chubby pet’s safe journey including custom clearance to shipping from your home to drop location. 

      5.Pet Chauffeur 

Pet Chauffeur service has been associated with the International Pet and Animal Transport Association for more than 20 years. They deliver domestically and internationally. They ensure faster and easier transportation anywhere in New York City, Fort Myers, Palm Beach Country, New Jersey, Miami areas and airports in the Washington DC area, South Florida, JFK, LaGuardia and Newark. 

They assure a safe and comfortable journey for your pet by providing climate-controlled minivans well equipped with a stretcher, a ramp, step stool and disinfectants. They also offer veterinary services, pet salons, doggy care services etc. 

  1. Pet Travel Transport

Pet Travel Transport is a worldwide pet transportation organisation licensed by the US department of Agriculture. This company is headquartered in Florida and has been serving since 1998. The company agents are also members of IATA. 

There is no meaning of  Best pet shipping company until they can arrange safe and comfortable transport services for your pet both domestic and international. Their fee structure is a little moderate than other pet transportation companies. However, in return they assure the utmost care and attention to safety of the pets, reuniting them with their families. 

  1. Animals Away

Since 1992 Animals Away has offered the best animal transport service. They handle all the legitimate issues from documentation to shipping from their offices in Seattle, L. A., Boston and New York. They have the experience of relocating more than 50,000 pets with  the help of expert officials. 

  1. Airpets America

In the company’s own words, “There is no pet we can’t help you get home.”No job is too big or too small for Airpets America whether it is a local move or international move for your little friend. They are committed to this service for more than 20 years. 

Their transport vehicle can manage any size pet, even livestock and zoo animals. Moreover, their drivers are TSA certified and pet travel experts are well-trained in handling pets throughout the journey. 

  1. Air Animal

Air Animal is a Florida based veterinarian-founded pet transport service. They have membership of IATA. This company was first run by a navy family that was moving from Australia to the USA in 1977. This family-run small agency has extended its affairs almost all over in the US. 

Their extensive network covers more than 225 cargo airlines endorsed by IATA. Their fees start from US$2,759 for full Vip international door to door services from the US with additional charges of US$1,659 for Fly international package and basic Book. They also have a smartphone supported app from where you can purchase your service. 

  1. Air transport animal

They also provide quality services to transport your pet. They know all the rules and regulations for transporting pets in the USA like – you need a certificate of good health dated less than ten days prior to departure and an Animal passport also.

They will do all the paperwork on the behalf of you and simplify your cons. And by choosing their premium they will also handle the pet-related exportation and importation procedures. They can also transport your pet to other countries with ensuring their complete security. 


Now when it comes to pet transportation, there are many factors that you need to consider to choose  Best pet shipping company. Since a pet is necessarily an extension of your own family. From our own analysis, we found Citizenshipper to be a great choice where you can bid for the bed driver who will take your shipment and also their rates are very affordable. Make sure to read everything about any pet shipping company that you choose.