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Top 10 Mobile Game Development Companies in India 2020: Nowadays there is an unlimited scope of mobile games in the world and India is not long behind this race as there are thousands of mobile game development companies racing towards building awesome and superior quality mobile games as per the requirements of the gamer.

India is now the hub of IT services which also includes mobile game development and further giving the country a step ahead of various others in terms of quality and infrastructure.

Mobile Games Market | Growth and Trends

mobile game development growth

Mobile game development is on a rapid growth and Indian game developers have found their excellent skills in every required field of mobile gaming development like artificial intelligence, visual effects and also necessary regulatory compliance.

So, to further clear all the doubts and offers everyone with the details of top 10 mobile game development companies in India 2020, here is the list. you can also read about Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies in India 2020.

List of Top 10 Mobile Game Development Companies in India 2020

  • Quytech
  • Spiel studios
  • Zapak digital ltd
  • Synqua Games
  • SuperSike games
  • Mango games
  • Dhruva Interactive
  • Hashbyte Studio
  • 99 Games
  • Zebu Games

1 – Quytech


Quytech may be the number 1 mobile game development company here in India due to its overall services in the game development. It offers almost all the designated mobile game features like augmented reality, virtual reality and game sensors executions for the the perfect modern day games.

It has a strong base in India and offers services both to the domestic as well as foreign clients. It has good reviews from clients and employees alike making it the top mobile game development company in India.

2 Spiel studios

Spiel studios

Spiel is a well known name in the gaming industry as it offers its products on global level. And to attest the fact of their excellency, they are one of the few official developers from India who provides games to the Sony PSP and PS2 platforms around the globe.

The spiel studios have best game develops in the country who have decades of experience in the industry. It is headquartered in Mumbai and various popular games under its bag.

3 – Zapak digital ltd

Zapak digital ltd

Zapak is the country’s leading mobile game development company by its diversified range of games and categories offered in the market.

They are also known as gaming subscription provider with gaming arena space for the kids to come and experience the gaming world.

It offers free games with popular demand such as cricket, racing and much more.

It has tried and tested games on offers like speedway racing, stealth sniper etc for the young generation.

4 – Synqua Games

Synqua Games

Synqua builds mobile games for all the platforms like android, ios, windows, macOS and more with its intelligent recognition of the needs of games on all platforms alike.

Many foreign clients have chosen Synqua for their excellent services and timely submission of games back to them.

They have word of mouth publicity among the customers and still their best with high quality graphics based mobiles games.

5 – SuperSike games

SuperSike games

This Delhi based mobile game development company has some of the good games to offers like One More Pass, Yet Another Bird Game, GO Kanel which already proves their efficiency in developing mobile games.

Supersike is known to have got awards for their innovative and high quality games to the gamer across the globe.

Apart from game development, the supersike also offers services based on game designing, 3D modelling and overall animation.

6 – Mango games

Mango games

Mango games is a super specialist in providing excellent games for almost all the platform such as android, ios, windows and also on cloud for online gaming.

As per their portfolio they have maintained a vast diversity in catering to all types of gamer including multi player, turn by turn game type, and also the single version.

The mango games have a good reputation in the industry with their relevant services to the clients with the designing and promotions till publishing for the super experience.

7 – Dhruva Interactive

Dhruva Interactive

The company has its special name in the industry with its popular game related to the Mission: Impossible movie.

Dhruva interactive mobile game development company is active in the field since 20 years and dozens of active project with the clients across the globe.

Apart from providing gaming services it also manages porting services to the clients.

The dhruva interactive has various gaming based services such as Console Services, Art Services, Social, PC game Services and Mobile Game Services.

8 – Hashbyte Studio

Hashbyte Studio

The pune based hashbyte studio is one of the famous as well as registered private entity in the mobile game industry with a lot of gaming services to cover up its clients such as Game Testing Services and Unity 3D Game Development.

The hashbyte studio has some of the popular games under its name such as Unicorn Run by Trinitee, Battle Cow, Heads Up Trading, Grind my Gears and more.

9 – 99 Games

99 Games

99 games is still on the top charts of the best mobile game development company in India which offers truly excellent services to the clients and gamers alike.

To name a few, there are around 44 million downloads to their games and around 14 awards for their best service in the mobile game industry.

10 – Zebu Games

Zebu Games

Zebu games is known for their relatively simple and small games with a technical mind required for them to play.

Also the games are addictive and have been based on mindful skills and strategy.

The company was started with a very minimum investment cost but has grown since then in a very promising way.

The zebu games is based in Bangalore and offers its gaming services to clients across the globe.

Some of the popular games by zebu games are Follow The Dots, Word Mint, Goon School and much more.

View on Mobile Game Development Companies in India

Finally we compiled the list of top 10 mobile game development companies in India 2020 which are equally renowned and offers best gaming services to the clients and mobile gamer across the world.

All these companies are proudly Indian with their overall background investors and infrastructure sourced locally making them much profitable the country in the gaming industry.

Have a look at this list of mobile game development companies in India 2020 and choose one for yourself if there is an game development project in mind.


Top 10 Mobile Game Development Companies in India 2020
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Top 10 Mobile Game Development Companies in India 2020
Have a look at this list of mobile game development companies in india 2020 and choose one for yourself if there is an game development project in mind.