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Home Remedies for Coronavirus

Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a virus that has emerged as an global epidemic from its home country China in the previous year and still growing rapidly with daily new cases coming from different different location.

It is an illness creating common cough and cold to more serious respiratory issues. It has originated from China’s Wuhan city where it allegedly evolved from bat soup.

It is better to take some good home remedies for coronavirus and strict precautions against this new deadly virus. As per some reports, the new coronavirus has already killed 3000 people around the globe and more than 1 lakh people are infected.

The coronavirus is quickly expanding into various countries through people travelling across nations and getting infection.

Currently, people are desperately searching home remedies for coronavirus as there is no vaccine by doctors right now.

Let us Check Out Some of the Top 10 Home Remedies for Coronavirus:

Here, we look at 10 of these Natural Remedies Really Help You to Fight the Covid-19(Coronavirus) in more detail.

1. Always Wear a Mask


The first and the foremost requirement is to wear a mask as it is an infection virus.

2. Ginger Soup

The ginger soup is known for its immune system benefits and one should have a small quantity of ginger soup daily.

3. Frequent hand wash

hand wash

It is also advised that people should wash their hands from soap and stop shaking hands.

4. Using Sanitizer


Have a small bottle of sanitizer and rub it as frequently as you can or whenever you have contacted some other person.

5. Drink Luke warm Water

Drink Luke warm Water

Have some luke warm water every few hours with few salt gargles to avoid virus reaching lungs.

6. Have cardamom in small quantities

cardamom in small quantities

Chew pieces of cardamom and black pepper few times a day.

7. Eat vegetable

Eat vegetable

Take vegetarian diet and avoid meat products. Vegetables will increase overall health and stop virus to further increase inside the body.

8. Avoid cold products

Avoid cold products

It is advised to completely refrain from cold products including dairy items, ice-cream, etc.

9. Sit in sunshine

Sit in sunshine

Coronavirus is killed in warm temperatures as told by medical experts therefore sitting in direct sunlight will benefit the person.

10. Avoid traveling

Avoid traveling

The best home remedies for coronavirus can be considered as to not to travel at all and stay at home. If it is an important meeting than have conversation on mobile phone.

So these are some of the most basic and widely accepted home remedies for coronavirus currently taught across the globe. Medical experts are continuously finding medicine and vaccine for this new type of virus but till then it is safe to follow these home remedies for coronavirus by yourself.

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