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Cloud Computing Companies

In this digital era, almost all the businesses are coming to the online space. Everyone wish to get their own website to market product and services they are offering. With this trend, India is also speeding towards the cloud computing technology with all the top 10 cloud computing companies in India 2020 establishing themselves here.

What is Cloud Computing

The cloud computing is a network-based data managed which includes a complete storage, processing of data on remotely located servers which is apart from the personal desktop or any local server.

Cloud computing is basically a remote usage of data form any gadget or platform via a network which enables the user to access the data and even modify it as per the requirements.

Type of Cloud Computing

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can be considered as a software working on every supported platform and further hosted by the service provider or the Cloud Computing Service Provider Companies over the internet network.

Almost all the services can be accessed on the web browser through the means of the SaaS model as it has consistent usability among the users with a predefined set of instructions which makes it easy for the accessing party.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

The PAAS computing model is more oriented for the software as well as hardware solutions to the accessing party as a service itself. The service providing entity has the software and hardware model at its base and it further provides the modification service to the data through its PAAS model.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is also a cloud computing model in which all the elements are taken care off by the third-party service provider i.e. software, servers, hardware, storage and also the infrastructure which works very fine for the accessing parties to avail all the service without having to install all the equipment on his own.

Advantages of cloud computing

There are some widely known benefits of cloud computing as it has helped the user base to have freedom over its data access and other requirements.

Data security –

The firm having the storage of data must be very secured and highly advanced in managing the data, but at last, it will create a data security with itself.

Mobility –

The biggest talking point of cloud computing is the ability to access data from anywhere. Therefore the mobility factor takes the reputation of cloud computing even more better.

Backup Data –

Data centres have the complete backup and storage options for the data saved thus saving form accidentally delete of the data owners.

Future of Cloud Computing in India

Cloud computing in India is set to revolutionize the IT sector very soon as the cloud computing company has been taking active services of cloud computing due to its sheer advantages in serving its clients with any data access.

It is said that the Indian IT industry as well as the cloud computing sector will be watching close to 1 million job roles by 2022 in India.

Cloud Computing market size

Cloud computing is getting accelerated growth due to the Top cloud providers in 2020 and the fact that every person is realizing the comfort of cloud computing without needing a static location for data access.

The cloud computing market is nonstop and has been growing since it was first conceptualized by big tech giants. Current 4 billion USD figures may reach up to 10 billion USD till 2025 due to the ever increase in the cloud data requirements of the users.

In India, there are almost a dozen best cloud hosting companies which provides services at par. Let us check out the top 10 cloud computing companies in India 2020 which are preferred by every organisation.

Top 10 Cloud Computing based Companies List

#1 – Amazon Web Services

AWS servers tops the chart with diversified services to offer such as basic storage, AI, ML and other IoT solutions. No doubt it comes in the list of top 10 cloud computing companies in India with assured coverage 24*7.

#2 – Google Cloud

Google cloud have rose to prominence in the recent years when it was very less in market capitalisation. It understood the importance of cloud computing and quickly spearheaded the industry.

#3 – Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure can be recommended to almost all the enterprise customers with its multitude of cloud computing technologies. Earlier it only gave services to the windows systems but now as demand grew, Microsoft Azure can be availed on other open-source, Linux based systems as well.

#4 – Digital Ocean

Another name in the industry of top 10 cloud computing companies in India is the digital Ocean. The company is growing a steady pace and covers a range of open-source applications. Also the digital ocean offers pre-certified server images such as MySQL, Drupal, PHP etc.

#5 – IBM Bengaluru

Not to miss the much renowned name in the cloud computing companies, the IBM Bengaluru. It offers services based on Iaas, Paas and SaaS and also offers assitance to the vendors to properly utilize the cloud computing technology.

#6 – Cisco Systems

Cisco is clearly a brand name in the industry of cloud computing companies in India with multiple servers and services based on self service, orchestration and virtualization.

#7 – VMware

VMware is also a big organisation to offer all the cloud computing technology in India. However the company is based in New York but has expanded its business to other countries. It offers services such as business critical applications, data center virtualization etc.

#8 – Sify

Sify is easily recognised name in the cloud computing companies in India with services based on IaasS, PaaS and SaaS. Other open-source applications and services offeed by Sify are Sify mail, Sify forum etc.

#9 CtrlS

New in the industry, CtrlS is known to offer both private as well as public cloud services on the go. Also the CtrlS comes up with technology solutions like IaaS, desktop-as-a-service and complete ERP hosting.

#10 – Octal

Many of us do not know the Octal as of now but they have some good reputation among the top 10 cloud computing companies in India with on an average 20% services of their based on cloud computing.

So, finally we have enlisted all the major and top 10 cloud computing companies in India which are known for their exclusive services in cloud computing.

Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies in India 2020
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Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies in India 2020
Let us check out the top 10 cloud computing companies in India 2020 which are preferred by every organisation.
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