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Google Doodle Games

Google is already a world wide name in online space and almost everyone opens up the google homepage to search his desired query. In the recent past, the Google doodle games have been much more famous and widely appreciated due to their fun to play orientation and overall pleasing aesthetics. They are pushed in a sense that if a user gets bored in the meantime, he can just start a google doodle games to play and just have a time pass.

Since the google doodle games were out in the year 2000, there are dozens of them which has gained immense popularity and still beats in the hearts of users. Let us check out all the most popular google doodle games list as per people’s choice.

Most Popular Top Ten Google Doodle Game list

#1 – Pac-Man 30th anniversary

The globally famous arcade game pac-man was released as a google doodle game on its 30th anniversary in 2010. It was as famous as the original pac-man and millions were just opening up the google homepage just to play it.

#2 – Free throw contest

A popular basketball based google doodle game was up in the 2012 with a pop a shot type of playing on the keyboard. It was played by almost a billion users and was dropped at the time of London summer Olympics to be exact.

#3 – Halloween Doodle game

This one is still available if you want to play and is a multiplayer game. There are 4 ghosts team and along with them one has to compete with other 4 team members to get the wandering spirit and too before the moon is about to vanish.

#4 – The Pony express

This is an online mail courier based doodle game and has been very popular due to its originality. The pony express was actually a mail service around a century ago but was left behind due to issues. Here the google doodle re-imagined it with the gaming touch.

#5 – The crossword

The crossword google doodle game was another success as it is the most humble game to be played. The popular newspaper game took its position on the google doodle games at its 100th anniversary to give tribute to Arthur Wynn.

#6 – Doctor Who

At its 50th anniversary, the game was immediately hit among the global users with the imaginary obstacles to save the google letters. It was almost seeking 4000 doctors to give it a recognition and further created its name.

#7 – Rubik’s cube

Rubik cube is still enjoyed among the young teens and adults in physical and the google did this on its doodle invention. It was a mark to Erno Rubik, the Hungarian inventor and Professor of Architecture.

#8 – Shadow art

It is more of an AI game than a normal doodle game as the shadow art required a webcam to be in action while playing this google doodle game. Although the time limit is a bare minimum 20 seconds for all the 12 animals shadows to be performed.

#9 – Google doodle cricket game

One must admit that this is one of the best and minimalist cricket online games ever created. With the google experts game and doodle developers, this is the cricket game which can be played at any time of the day.

#10 – Coding for Carrots

And last but not the least, Coding for Carrots is a good time pass option for a person in lock down at home. Just command the rabbit to collect all the carrots though the keyboard buttons and help him win.

Google doodle games have come up in the times of corona virus quarantine period to elevate the boredom of people across the globe. We have compiled the top 10 most popular google doodle games here to help users to have some fun on the computer screen. Stay home stay safe.