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Fake Mobile Number Generator

These days almost all the websites and apps require your phone number for the verification which is a risk on your privacy and credential leaks. The threat from sharing your mobile number cannot be denied due to the fact that today all the transaction and money transfer can be done through mobile and UPI is attached with your mobile number. For all this, there is a need of a fake mobile number generator for OTP.

A temporary mobile will be considered as a virtual mobile number which can further bypass certain unnecessary OTP verification on various insignificant websites and apps on which we have to login.

There are a lot of questions in the mind of curious people who wants to get clear details on using the mobile number generator apps and websites and their working. Also they are reluctant due to any issues with legality.

Here we will clarify some questions based on Fake mobile number generator:

Q1 – How can i bypass OTP and mobile number?

One can easily bypass OTP verification and mobile number verification with various credible websites and apps available on the internet on which he can avail few dummy numbers and then further use for stipulated time period.

Q2 – how can i get fake Indian number on whatsapp?

There are certain apps like voxox app for example, which will ask your phone number and gmail id along with username and after which it will provide you with dummy number. You can copy it and paste it on WhatsApp for your personal use.

Q3 – How can i get my OTP online?

Apart from mobile number there are certain other ways through which the user can get the OTP on other medium such as email id or wallet. Also one can get a fake number for the OTP.

Now we have cleared some basic frequently asked questions above the fake numbers and bypassing OTP, we will know about some of the most used and common websites and apps for fake mobile number generator used by the people most of time:

Top 10 Fake Mobile Number Generator Websites & Apps:

#1 –

This is the most common website used for fake mobile number generator for OTP and bypassing mobile number verification.

#2 –

The grabfone is also a popular website to provide fake mobile number for OTP. One has to submit some least amount of details.

#3 –

For your OTP and sms bypassing requirements this one is also a valid choice among the users.

#4 –

Receivefreesms works on joining your ID with the provided credentials and offering dummy numbers for your requirements.

#5 –

The textnow is also a very used website to get the number or sms verification through your dummy number.

#6 –

This is a big database which will certainly provide you with the fake numbers for whatsapp and sms verification.

#7 –

This one is a popular destination for the dummy mobile number and fake number for sms verification and for OTP.

#8 – 2ndLine

2ndLine is a popular mobile app for giving out the fake mobile number which in turn helps you to bypass the verification.

#9 – TextNow

Another useful app for android to get the fake mobile number is TextNow, which will give you a fake mobile number for a temporary period of time.

#10 –

Last but not the least, this website is also a good choice among the users who wish to get the fake mobile number generator for OTP verification etc.

Finally, we have provided the complete details on getting a fake mobile number for your requirements on bypassing the OTP verification and other irrelevant mobile number usage on websites and apps for login. Checkout all of them and use whichever suits your need to get the fake mobile number for OTP India based users.