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10 Types of Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are a big threat to the complete economy of any country. Each and every monetary transaction is now taking place online and this makes cyber place a very risky infrastructure to maintain. There are multiple types of cyberattacks known to the online community which we will see here in this post.

What is a Cyber Attack?

Cyber attacks is a intentional spying, stealing and damaging of computer systems, data servers and network infrastructure. Basically, cyber attack is mainly targeted towards a computer system by means of hacking of its data and privacy. It also aims to steal the information and other confidential passwords stored on data servers.

Cyber attacks are now becoming more and more evident and to gain more information on this topic, we have brought the most common types of cyber attacks prevailing around the globe.

Find the top 10 types of cyber attacks mentioned below:

  • Password Steal Attack
  • Malware Cyber Attack
  • Phishing Cyber Attack
  • Structured Query Language (SQL) injection Cyber Attack
  • Zero-Day Attack
  • Cross-Site Scripting Attack
  • Man-in-the-middle attack (MITM)
  • Eavesdropping attack
  • Cryptojacking
  • Business Email Compromise

Password Steal Attack

Password stealing is a very common type of cyber attacks done by professional hackers. The hackers try to get personal information by the means of stealing passwords from network server or by brute force.

Malware Cyber Attack

Malware is designed for the disruption of a computer system and to induce adverse working and is created in the form of scripts, codes, active content.

Malware becomes a virus and trojan within the system and creates certain issues like hardware damage or malicious software installation.

Phishing Cyber Attack

Phishing mainly tries to get confidential information such as passwords, login ids and credit card details. These types of cyber attacks generally come like authenticated emails or third party SMS for payments etc.

Structured Query Language (SQL) injection Cyber Attack

The Structured Query Language (SQL) injection attack is a SQL statement hacking attack which let the fraudster to run wishful SQL commands and statements in the server.

This type of cyber attack will be of heavy intensity as it gives the fraud to allow changes and modifications in the server itself.

Zero-Day Attack

The name of this type of cyber attack is based on its execution. It means that the attack takes place on the same day it gets identified.

The zero-day attack is very vulnerable and hits out at hardware, software or firmware.

Cross-Site Scripting Attack

The XSS is a very popular and harmful attack on the servers as it hits the genuine browsers. The fraudulent transaction takes place within the scripts.

The cross-site scripting attack takes away confidential details from the server as well as the cookies and token sessions.

Man-in-the-middle attack (MITM)

In the Man-in-the-middle attack (MITM), the intruders try to indulge in the transaction or the communication within the two parties which gives him access to have any password shared, any information based on the transaction or he may also change the communication pattern.

However, the MITM attacks have become obsolete due to the end to end encryption of communication systems, thereby saving the transactions or the data.

Eavesdropping attack

This is a common and dangerous type of cyber attack as it may take confidential data of the company or any information shared across the network.

The fraudster takes benefit of the unsecured network of open public wifi hotspot. The Eavesdropping attack can also be termed as sniffing or snooping over private data.

Many companies suggest the employees to execute VPN whenever they are working or have to do any urgent work on the public wifi hotspot.


This is the latest type of cyber attack coming to existence in the recent past due to the rise in cryptocurrency transactions. However, the cyberattack does not steal any information or data but instead uses the organization’s network and computer resources to mine their cryptocurrency. 

The organization may or may not find out that their resources have been compromised which gives a great advantage to the hacker. Also, the resource utilization is far stealthy then stealing directly.

Business Email Compromise

This type of cybercrime attack is very negatively impactful on the targeted organization. The fraudster trick the employee of the targeted company to transfer monetary value to the account of the attacker.

The business email account is compromised and then the cybercrime takes place by imitating the owner and further pursuing the fund transfers. It is generally done on the government, commercial and non-profit organizations and is aimed on the monetary aspect of the transactions. 


Finally, we have concluded some of the common and widely known types of cyber attacks done in the cyber world. Almost 2 million cyber attacks are happening annually, most of them fail however it still creates a disruption in the industry.

There are multiple courses and timely notifications announced to safeguard against cyber-attacks by the government and private organizations. Everyone needs to be aware of such frauds.

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