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10 Popular Secure Payment Gateways for Websites in India 2020: The world is totally accepting the power of online space and is creating business based on websites.

These websites help them to showcase their products and services to the clients in a feasible manner.

Also representing goods and services demands a payment method on the go for the customers to pay for their desired product.

There are a dozens of payment gateways for websites in India in 2020 which really works well but here we will go through all the top 10  secure payment gateways.

Let’s check out the most used Secure Payment Gateways for Websites in India in 2020 here:

  • Paytm payment gateway
  • Razorpay payment gateway
  • Cashfree payment gateway
  • CCavenue
  • Paypal payment gateway
  • Atom Paynetz payment gateway
  • PayU payment gateway
  • DirecPay payment gateway
  • EBS payment gateway
  • Mobikwik payment gateway

Paytm payment gateway 

PayTM payment Gateway

Paytm payment gateway comes up with a strong service network and structure for the clients. It claims to be secured and 99% uptime. Paytm is however very good in its transactions business which approves its rating.

Razorpay payment gateway 

Razorpay payment gateway 

Razorpay is another great payment gateway to opt for your website in india due to its multiple applicability such as woocommerce, magento, shopify and other commercial website developer. Also it charges lowest rates in industry which makes it more demanding in the market.

Cashfree payment gateway

Cashfree Payment gateway

The cashfree is known to be accepting all types of payment and that too via all the credit and debit cards available in the country which is why it is very feasible for every client for its diversified customers. Also it is free for transaction upto certain limits which makes it lucrative for small products and services clients.


CCAvenue Payment Gateway

When talking about the payment gateways for websites in India in 2020 year, we can not absolutely forget CCAvenue which is somehow very old and dominant in the payment gateway industry. Due to its years of presence, it is now very easy for opting CCAvenue as your payment gateway for various reasons which includes free initial setup and an affordable INR 1200 annual maintenance fee.

Paypal payment gateway 

PayPal Payment Gateway

Now if your organisation is targeting foreign customers the most, then the best payment gateway for website is obviously paypal. Yes, certainly Paypal is undoubtedly the best payment processing company for international transactions with its whopping more than 175 million clients.

Atom Paynetz payment gateway

Atom Paynetz Payment Gateway service

The FT group subsidiary Atom is a well renowned payment gateway in india with over 100+ payment methods and very minimal transaction charges.

PayU payment gateway 

atom paynetz payment gateway

Earlier citrus payment gateway was there in the market which is now under the holdings of PayU. So this conclude that PayU has done progress in the industry. And not to miss its unmatched service providing capabilities with 100% online resolution structure.

DirecPay payment gateway 

DirecPay Payment Gateway

If we talk about the biggest and most valuable resource deployed by any payment gateway then its the DirecPay. It has all the shopping websites integration and also payment methods so there is no chance of worrying for your website business payments.

EBS payment gateway 

EBS Payment Gateway

The EBS payment gateway is the most secured payment gateway in india due to the fact that it has the PCI DSS 3.0 standard safety benchmark. This may sound very technical but once you are assured by all the payment received then there will be greater understanding of the importance of EBS Payment gateway.

Mobikwik payment gateway 

Mobikwik payment gateway 

Also known as the Zaakpay, the mobikwik payment gateway is the feasible solution for small as well as bigger transactions. There is an mobikwik mobile app for the instant payments for everyday users and has a vast client base for all types of payments solutions.


So, finally we have listed the top 10 payment gateways for websites in india which are really significant and well known in the industry for a very long time.

These payment solutions are trusted and can be opted without any second doubt as per individual clients requirements.

10 Popular Secure Payment Gateways for Websites in India 2020
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10 Popular Secure Payment Gateways for Websites in India 2020
10 Popular Secure Payment Gateways for Websites in India 2020: Let’s check out the most used Secure Payment Gateways in India in 2020 here.