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10 Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers

Plasma donation helps a lot of people. When you donate plasma, it’s used in the remedy of adults and youngsters troubled through leukemia or blood cancer.

Victims of life-threatening burns and humans present process liver or bone marrow transplants additionally want plasma from healthful donors.

When you donate plasma, you’re really giving these individuals a glimmer of hope for a new existence whilst bringing some cheer to their household members. You can get some cash each and every month as a plasma donor.

Donate Plasma and get paid? Actually, plasma centers don’t pay you for the plasma. Hence, you’re donating it. Instead, they compensate you for time, effort and fees to tour to donate plasma. You would be wondering about how to locate the “10 highest paying plasma donation centers near me”? Check out my list.

Plasma Donation Centers that pay near me:

There’re various plasma donation centers throughout the US. To get the first-rate for your time and effort, here’s my curated listing of highest paying plasma donation centers close to you.

CSL Plasma Inc.

CSL Plasma Inc. ranks amongst the world’s topmost collectors of human plasma. They grant plasma to quite a few hospitals throughout America and often, to healthcare amenities in special countries. As an ordinary plasma donor, you can earn up to $400 per month from CSL Plasma Inc. They deposit the cash to a pay as you go debit card. CSL Plasma additionally awards iGive factors for each and every plasma donation that is redeemable for greater cash. Click on this hyperlink and enter your ZIP code to discover the nearest CSL Plasma series centre.

BioLife Plasma Services

BioLife Plasma Services is a phase of Takeda, an international biotechnology corporation that specializes in the remedy of uncommon and life-threatening disease.

The agency operates various plasma donation centers throughout America and in Austria as well. You can donate plasma twice a week at BioLife Plasma Services centers close to you.

The organization offers you a BioLife reloadable debit card for depositing cash it can pay for your time and effort. This corporation will pay $20 to $50 per visit, relying upon a number of factors. 

You’ll spend about 30 minutes at BioLife Plasma Services series centers after your first donation. You can without problems discover the nearest plasma donation center close by from the BioLife Plasma Services website.

BPL Plasma

BPL Plasma is a phase of Bio Products Laboratories, a UK-based biotech company. They pay up to $300 per month to lively donors. BPL Plasma has dozens of plasma centers placed throughout the USA.

It’s effortless to agenda an appointment for your first plasma donation. You can earn a handsome amount of cash thru the referral application of BPL Plasma by referring a relative or friends to donate plasma at BPL Plasma.

When the character you refer to donates plasma, they get full compensation whilst you earn greater money as a referral bonus. When a relative or buddy accompanying you additionally donates plasma, you get one entry to the raffle draw.

The first prize is $200, 2nd $150 and third, $100. Search in google “ BPL plasma donation centre close to me ” and you will get the end result in accordance with your location.

Biotest Plasma Center

Biotest Plasma Center operates in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas.

You can make up to $400 per month with the aid of donating plasma at their series centers. A complete of 26 plasma donation centers. are operated by using Biotest Plasma Center in these eleven states.

Biotest Plasma Center additionally operates a referral software the place you can get extra cash when you convey a relative or pal to donate plasma. Additionally, Biotest additionally has captivating month-to-month promotions throughout its network.

And, character plasma series centers run very own promos too. And to assist you earn more, Biotest Plasma Center runs its personal thriller consumer program.

Anyone that donates plasma at Biotest Plasma Center can supply comments on their journey to earn greater money as a thriller shopper.


You can donate plasma at 18 centers in quite a number of states operated by means of Kedplasma US. Their internet site doesn’t say how good deal cash you’ll get as compensation.

Their internet site absolutely says that every center has its very own coverage for donor compensation. Hence, you’ll want to take a look at with the plasma donation center close to you about how lots of cash you can get and different details.

However, impartial opinions on the Internet factor that Kedplasma US will pay about $400 per month at a range of centers. You’ll get the cash in the shape of Wirecard pay as you go card.

The organization will save your pay as you go card upon each and every profitable plasma donation. Kedplasma US provides a specific program- Anti D- for human beings dwelling around Buffalo, NY region and have any Negative blood group.

To qualify, you’ll have to meet precise standards set through the company. Your plasma can show beneficial for saving the lives of babies. There are no unique data about donor compensation underneath Anti D program.


Octaplasma comes up with one of a kind promotions that provide $50 compensation to first-time donors for first 5 donations. That adds up to $250. They additionally have the OPI Rewards+ loyalty application that permits normal donors to earn a little greater money.

And their referrals application gives but one greater way to make bigger your income. Furthermore, every plasma donation center of Octaplasma holds exceptional promotions to provide greater compensation in the structure of cash or fascinating gifts.

Overall, you can earn up to $400 per month as a plasma donor relying upon the frequency of donations and promotions at some stage in any given period. However, it’s really worth remembering- such promotions aren’t continually available.

Hence, you can also want to test with the Octaplasma plasma donation center about present-day donor compensation rates. Their internet site has aid the place you can discover an Octaplasma plasma donation center nearby.

They have a sturdy presence in Idaho, Texas, Indianapolis, Washington, and California and are increasing their network.


There are no facts about how tons Immunotek can pay plasma donors on the business enterprise website. The agency operates 29 centers throughout the USA.

GCAM Plasma

Texas, California, Idaho, Arizona, and Indianapolis are 5 states the place GCAM Plasma operates plasma centers. They pay $25 to $30 per plasma donation, relying on a variety of factors.

Residents of Canada and Mexico can additionally donate plasma at their centers and make money. The corporation additionally operates loyalty software for returning donors.

B tremendous Plasma

B nice Plasma claims it can pay $500 per month to plasma donors. However, the internet site swiftly provides that you can earn $500 month-to-month by way of donating plasma and efficiently referring to family or pals as donors.

They have plasma donation centers in Maryland and New Jersey states. You’ll get a rechargeable preloaded debit card to get repayments after every plasma donation.


Grifols internet site doesn’t point out how a whole lot of cash they pay to plasma donors. Research from unbiased sources suggests you can get about $200 per month as an ordinary donor and barely greater for profitable referrals. However, they have plasma series facilities in most American states. 


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