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Applicant Tracking System

10 Best Free Applicant Tracking System in India 2020: Employment process is a very common sight at every organization whether big or small, however, it gets complicated when there are thousands of applicants lined up for a few posts.

The human resource manager may or may not be able to judge each and every one according to the skill set required, and this particular issue gives birth to the new software program that industry calls an application tracking system.

What is Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant tracking system solution bundled as a software package is by far the most helpful software tool for a human resource manager which in turn creates a complete database of the applicants trying to get the job.

In simple terms, an applicant tracking system is a source for the HR to find the right candidate as per his/her qualifications and skills on demand.

What are the Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System?

The applicant tracking system assimilates all the received resumes in a single database and then makes them streamlined as per the set requirements of the organization.

So, it is safe to say that the applicant tracking system gives a free mind to the recruiters in order to choose the best candidate out of thousands of resumes.

Applicant Tracking System in India were designed to decrease the burden for HR’s as previously the big companies were handling much resume data on their own which in turn took a lot of resources and productive hours of the HR.

To combat the situation, an applicant tracking system was invented and since then it has been a beloved solution for the human resource managers of multinational corporations.

Why is the applicant tracking system needed?

Generally big companies who are in a serious business across the globe cannot afford to waste time on working each and every resume they receive for a job posting.

In today’s scenario, where unemployment is at its peak, every job posting receives thousands of resumes making it hard for both the company and its HR’s to find the right person.

So, the applicant tracking system comes to rescue over here. ATS creates a database of resumes which further schedules interview process, interactions, follow up and aptitude exam/tools.

After discussing this much about the applicant tracking system, we will now go through all the top 10 free applicant tracking system lists available in India for the companies who really wish to get their recruitment process streamlined. 

Growth Statistics & Data of Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

In a recent survey, the global forecast has shown that the applicant tracking system will touch the growth rate of 7.4 % i.e. from the current USD 1.38 billion to a staggering USD 2.22 billion in the year 2027.

The particular reason for the advancement of the applicant tracking system is the growth of organization and their overall candidate selection process requirement.

Also the technical details are necessary to be analyzed at the time of selection process which further requires a highly advanced software to tackle the skills out of a particular candidate that is why a growing need of applicant tracking system software will be needed at an urgent pace. Read About Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies in India 2020

Let’s check out 10 best Free Applicant Tracking System India 2020:

  • JobItUs
  • HRMantra
  • Talentpool – Recruitment Software 
  • RecruitPro 360
  • Naukri RMS
  • TalentRecruit
  • Freshteam
  • Keka
  • PeopleApex
  • Zoho recruit

1 – JobItUs

JobItUs can be termed as a simple but very efficient and also free applicant tracking system best in the industry software which works on cloud based SaaS mechanism and has all the ultra modern features to give recruiters an excuse to at least try it once. 

Developed by Ravar group, a pune based IT company offers complete support to the clients including mobile based assistance.

The JobItUs software offers an extensive candidate module including the interview line up process on the software itself.

There are multiple features which makes the JobItUs ahead of many ATS software including Email Templates, Recruitment Management, Applicant tracking, System Security & Software Management, Applicant Workflow, Application Integration & Application Sharing.

2 – HRMantra

Sincerely, HRMantra is a Free Applicant Tracking System which has really useful and up-to-mark capabilities to become the best applicant tracking system for the companies which are looking out for deserving ATS software.

HRMantra comes to this list with its unique as well as good performing features for the clients. Some of the most needy specifications of the HRMantra are Applications management, Online Activation, Recruiting Management, Resume Database, Resume Search, Social Media Integration, Social Recruiting & Talent Acquisition.

While talking about the HRMantra company, it was started in 2000 and it claims a staggering investment of 1000 men years into the software which increases its trust base.

The software has some big clients into its basket such as Jockey, vibgyor, LIC HFL, Larsen & toubro and more.

3 – Talentpool – Recruitment Software 

Talentpool comes on all the platforms such as windows, mac linux making it a widely usable solution for employee management.

The talentpool applicant tracking system is one of the widely used recruiters software across the country due to its highly advanced features. 

The company has been working since 2006 to provide the best of HR management solutions to the clients and has come with this applicant tracking system in a very best way.

The talentpool software has a very easy to use interface along with simple dashboards for all the clients who are not very friendly with the applications.

Some of the hugely popular features of the talentpool applicant tracking system are Resume Search, Social Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Candidate Management & Collaboration Tools.

4 – RecruitPro 360

RecruitPro 360 has been doing some great work in the field of human resource management and providing the best applicant tracking system to its clients as per their needs.

Infact the recruitpro 360 has achieved the name in this top 10 list by the means of its highly engaging features and mouth publicity of its clients. Features such as Applicant tracking,

Applicant Workflow, Applications Management, Online Activation, Recruiting Management, Resume Search, Talent Acquisition, Assessments Candidate Management, Internal HR and Onboarding take it to the top level HR management solutions.

It is available on the windows and is coming on other platforms soon as per the company details.

It provides its services to almost all the business groups such as startups, SME’s, agencies, enterprises and more. It has some of the renowned clients such as ONGC, reliance, Sona alloys pvt ltd etc to boast.

5 – Naukri RMS

Naukri RMS is also the topmost service provider in the field of recruitment industry and has a wide base of clients who are currently availing the services of Naukri RMS for their application tracking system requirements.

The Naukri recruitment management system is a totally automated hiring process which has offered good assessments of the eligible candidates and thus increasing the hiring process with productivity of human resources managers.

Some of the best features of Naukri RMS can be summed up as Document Management, Email Integration, Email Templates, Recruitment Management, Bulk Resume Parsing, Mobile App, Applicant tracking, Applicant Workflow, Recruiting Management and much more.

The naukri RMS is developed by Info edge india ltd based in noida and has been working on such solutions for a decade.

6 – TalentRecruit

TalentRecruit is a pure example of human resource management done by intelligence, analytics and automation. The software is a capable applicant tracking system which is a cloud based automation platform helping the human resource managers to quickly examine and find out the best candidate out of the thousands of applicants.

The talent recruit software works on artificial intelligence based codes which is also the next generation technology helping the clients to stop wasting time on unnecessary database searching.

The software has been recently awarded the recommended badge by the software suggest which only adds the credibility of the software.

It has some general features which are best in shape such as Applicant tracking, System Security & Software Management, Applicant Workflow, Application Integration, Application Sharing, Applications Management, Online Activation, Recruiting Management, Resume Database and Resume Search.

7 – Freshteam

Freshteam comes as a great help to all the clients and organizations to get a simple and easy to use applicant tracking system.

The clients can easily create job posting on multiple platforms which gives more views and further enhances their leads.

The recruiters can further analyze each individual candidate on the dashboard and can interact with them easily and can also conduct interviews online.

The freshteam software is a bundle of all essential features for the recruiters through which they can maintain a steady relation with the possible candidates in a large number.

Not to miss the features which are the talking point of the freshteam such as Bulk Resume Parsing, Resume Search, Candidate Management, Collaboration Tools, Interview Management, Job Requisition & Posting etc.

8 – Keka

Keka is an award winning Free Applicant Tracking System software by multiple forums and recognition associations.

The keka has been recognized as one of the best applicant tracking systems as it’s a unified and fully automated software which handles each and every task as per the desired command.

It is an expert choice winner and thus can be trusted to be the part of any human resource department. Some of tested features of the keka are Attendance management, Bonus, Loan & Advances Management, Document Management, Email Integration, Employee Self Service Management, Exit Management & Separation Management, Expense Management, Expense Tracking, Help Desk,  HR & Payroll and much more.

Keka has a dedicated mobile app for the clients and at the same time has a web app to further enhance the user experience.

The keka applicant tracking system has its solutions for all types of organization such as startups, agencies and SMEs.

Also it has dedicated supports based emails, phone calls, live support etc.

9 – PeopleApex

PeopleApex is a multinational software solution for a complete applicant tracking system enabling the clients to have complete control over the latest candidates as well as the database of candidates earlier registered.

The PeopleApex is payroll and HR end to end enterprise grade HCM tool which makes a very refined solution for the human resource managers and the department.

There are other system and technical grade features of the peopleapex such as employee self service (ESS) and the manager self service (MSS) which is a very top level expertise in any human resource software.

Some of the basic but well tuned features of the peopleapex software are HR & Payroll, Knowledge Management, Mobile Support, Multi User login & Role based access, Online Tests & Psychometric Tests, Payroll Management etc.

10 – Zoho recruit

Last but not the least, Zoho recruit is a well designed and well planned applicant tracking system which has all the elements to keep up the organization for best candidates as per the selection process and automation of its skill based hiring process.

Some of the highlighting features of the Zoho recruit are CRM, Email Templates, Recruitment Management, Bulk Resume Parsing, Applicant tracking, Applicant Workflow, Application Integration, Applications Management, Recruiting Management and much more.

The zoho recruit has almost all the additional support features clients can ask for such bi-annually payment methods, API integration, customization, mobile based support to the clients and in fact even an mobile app for the handy process. 


Finally we were able to sort out all the Best Applicant Tracking System Software 2020 available in India for almost all types of clients based on their individual requirements.

It is now up to the clients and their specific needs which will set apart the final buying of any of the given software. We will always keep an updated list to make our audience aware of the very best Applicant Tracking (ATS) Software in India. Stay Tuned!